Filtering equipment

AO “Mirny atom” offers the filtering equipment produced by Latham Int. (England).

A filter press is the filtering equipment designed for filtration of slurry under over pressure.  The filter press is general-purpose equipment used in many industries. The filter press provides not only for filtering but also for dewatering, washing and drying of the slurry without usage of additional equipment. Filter presses are widely used in a chemical, mining and iron and steel industry.

The filter presses by Latham Int. (England) have the following features: 

  • Corrosion-resistant coating with addition of titanium, stainless steel, protection coatings and plastics;  
  • Plate size: from 500500 mm up to 20002000 mm;
  • Plate material: polypropylene , cast ion, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium.
  • Plate pack: chamber, chamber-membrane, membrane
  • Top and sidebar filter presses;
  • Automatic and semi-automatic design – for plates from 500500 mm up to  20002000 mm;
  • Manual operation – for plate size from 500500 mm up to 10001000 mm;
  • Max filtration pressure up to 70 atm;
  • Control for filtration completion by a pressure switch or by a flow meter
  • Automatic system for filter clothes washing by water under pressure of 200 bars.
  • Cake treatment: cross and reverse-flow cake washing by hot steam (T up to 1500C) increasing a recovery factor.
  • Follow-up air blow of the cake to reducing a factor of saturation.
  • Plates with heating and inner ventilation;

Filter presses with membrane plates have the following advantages:

  • Feeding of the slurry at alternating pressure
  • Pressing of the cake by the membranes with usage of oil under high pressure.
  • Achievement of the highest degree of solids-liquid phase separation.
  • More flexibility of filtration in comparison with filter presses completed with chamber plates. For example, with changed characteristics of the slurry you can achieve the same result by changing the parameters of slurry feeding or membrane squeezing. 
  • Possibility to use a combined plate pack as well as modernization of the filter press with chamber plates to a membrane plate installation in order to increase possibilities of the existing equipment.  


Possibility of slurry washing:

  • Washing of the slurry with washing liquid (water, acid, alkali, etc) for process purposes (pH changing, removal of dissolved solids, etc)
  • Reverse- flow washing provides for increased efficiency, as a total volume of the filter is used. 


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